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t that if he made any such attempt she would inform the magistrate,Nike Free Run Herr.
Image unavailable: SIGN OF THE ‘SHIP,Gonzalo Higuain Jersey,’ MORECOMBLAKE.
Wearied with watching for the promised boat,Kelechi Iheanacho Jersey, the King’s companions reluctantly had to make Charmouth the resting-place of the party for the night. In the morning it was found that the King’s horse had cast a shoe. When it was taken to the blacksmith,Iceland Fodboldtrøjer, that worthy remarked the quaint circumstance that the three others had been replaced in three different counties,Saksa Pelipaita, and one of these three in Worcestershire.{295}
When Charles heard that awkward discovery he was off in haste,Adidas Superstar Dame, for if a rural blacksmith was clever enough to discover so much,Belgia, it was quite possible thGoogle Links:


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Nadia immediately caught sight of this group, when Michael, carrying her in his arms, issued from the mountain pass. The girl feared for a moment that it was a Tartar detachment, sent to beat the shores of the Baikal, in which case flight would have been impossible to them both. But Nadia was soon reassured.
Russians!” she exclaimed. And with this Pedro Ribeiro Jersey last Dam Tröjor effort, her eyes closed and her head fell on Michael’s breast.
But they had been seen, and some of these Russians, running to them, led the blind Manchester City Dam man and the girl to Roman Burki Jersey a little point at which was moored a raft.
The raft was just going to start. These Russians were fugitives of different conditions, whom the same interest had united at Lake Baikal. Driven back by the Tartar scouts, they hoped to obtain a refuge Fredy Guarin Jersey at Irkutsk, but not being able to get there by land, the Jesus Duenas Jersey invaders having occupied both banks of the Angara, they Adidas Stam Smith hoped to reach it by descending the river which flows through the town.
Their plan made Michael’s heart leap; a last chance was before him, but he had strength to conceal this, wishing to keep his incognito Skjorta more strictly than ever.
The fugitives’ plan was very simple. A current in the lake runs along by the upper bank to Darwin Ceren Jersey the mouth of the Angara; this current they hoped to utilize, and with its assistance to reach the outlet of Lake Baikal. From this point to Irkutsk, the rapid waters of the river would bear them along at a rate of eight miles an hour. In a day and a half they might hope to be in sight Steven Stamkos Tröja of the town.
No kind of boat was to be found; they had been obliged to make one; a raft, or rather a float of wood, similar to those which usually are drifted down Siberian rivers, was constructed. A forest of firs, growing on the bank, had supplied the necessary materials; the trunks, fastened together with osiers, made a platform on which a hundred people could have easily found room.
On board this raft Michael and Nadia were Adida Human Race Dame taken. The girl had returned to herself; some food was given to her as well Marko Rog Jersey as to her companion. Then, lying on a bed of leaves, she soon fell into a deep sleep.
To those who questioned him, Michael Strogoff said nothing of what had taken place at Tomsk. He gave himself out as an inhabitant of Krasnoiarsk, who had not been able to get to Irkutsk before the Emir’s troops arrived on the left bank of the Dinka, and he added that, very probably, the bulk of the Tartar forces had taken up a position before the Siberian capital.
There was not a moment to be lost; besides, the cold was becoming more and more severe. During the night the temperature fell below zero; ice was already forming on the surface of the Baikal. Although the raft managed to pass easily over the lake, it might not be so easy between the banks of the Angara, should pieces of ice be found to block up its course.
At eight in the evening the moorings were cast off, and the raft drifted in the current along the shore. It was steered by means of long poles, under the management of several muscular moujiks. An old Baikal boatman took command of links:


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ithout perceiving me, he put his hands to his mouth and bellowed out my name, with a string of ‘Ahoys!’ which rang through the building.
‘Here I am, Solomon,’ AC Milan Dame Fodboldtrøjer said I, touching him on the shoulder.
‘God bless you, lad! God bless Chance Myers Jersey you!’ he cried, wringing my hand. ‘I could not see you, for my port eye is as foggy as the Newfoundland banks, and has been ever since Long Sue Williams of the Point hove a quart pot at it in the Tiger inn nigh thirty year agone. How are you? All sound, alow and aloft?’
‘As well as might be,’ I answered. ‘I have little to complain of.’
‘None of your standing rigging shot away!’ said he. ‘No spars crippled? No shots between wind and water, eh? You have not been hulled, nor raked, nor laid aboard of?’
‘None of these things,’ said I, laughing.
‘Faith! you are leaner than of old, and have aged ten years in two months. You did go forth as smart and trim a fighting ship as over answered helm, and now you are like the same ship when the battle and the storm have taken the gloss from her sides and torn the love-pennants from her peak. Yet am I right glad to see you sound in wind and Manuel Neuer Jersey limb.’
‘I have looked upon sights,’ said I, ‘which might well add ten years to a man’s age.’
‘Aye, aye!’ he answered, with a hollow groan, shaking his head from side to side. ‘It is a most accursed affair. Yet, bad as the Nike Free 3.0 V3 tempest is, the calm will ever come afterwards if you will but ride it out with your anchor placed deep in Providence. Ah, Nick Powell Jersey lad, that is good holding ground! But if I know you aright, your grief is more for these poor wretches around you than for yourself.’
‘It is, indeed, a sore sight to see them suffer so patiently and uncomplainingly,’ I answered, ‘and for such a man, too!’
‘Aye, the chicken-livered swab!’ growled the seaman, grinding his teeth.
‘How are FC Proto Fodboldtrøjer my mother and my father,’ I asked, ‘and Alvaro Morata Jersey how came you so far from home?’
‘Nay, I should have grounded on my beef bones had I waited longer at my moorings. I cut my cable, therefore, and, making a northerly tack as far as Salisbury, I run Thiago Silva Pelipaidat down with a fair wind. Thy father hath set his face hard, and goes about his work as usual, though much troubled by the Justices, who have twice had him up to Winchester for examination, but have found his papers all right and no charge to be brought against him. Your mother, poor soul, hath little time to mope or to pipe her Lassana Diarra Jersey eye, for she hath such a Franck Ribery Pelipaidat sense of duty that, were the ship to founder under her, it is a plate galleon to a china orange that she would stand fast in the caboose curing marigolds or rolling pastry. They have taken to prayer as some would to rum, and warm their hearts with it when the wind of misfortune blows chill. They were right glad that I should come Laurent Ciman Jersey down to you, and I gave them the word of a sailor that I would get you out of the bilboes if it Luis Pedro Cavanda Jersey might anyhow be done.’
‘Get me out, Solomon!’ said I; ‘nay, that may be put outside the question. How could you get me out?’


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lert as if you knew the enemy was in close proximity,Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Menn. Have everything ready for action either to defend your position or to retreat,tyskland Tröja.
The next morning before daylight we built a fire out of dry willows and made coffee. Our bill of fare was pemican and crackers. We had discovered a few buffalo feeding over a ridge near camp,Chad Barrett Jersey, and I asked Jack to try to get one with an arrow. It was too dangerous to use a gun to kill this game. If any Indians were within hearing,Parajumpers Miehet Squirrel, the report would have brought them to us in force,Dame Adidas CC Cosmie Boost II, and might have caused us annoyance. Many a party has come to grief from the lack of such knowledge. Jack went off, and in a short time returned with the tongue,Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra PK4, the hump,Mike Maignan Jersey, and one dépouille,Cesc Fabregas Jersey, which we used as a substitute for bread. By this time I had the stock ready to start.
After viewing the surrounding country from a high knoll and observing no signs of danger,Rafa Silva Jersey, we started. We had to pass over a broken country between Arrow334 Creek and Wolf Creek,Originals NMD Menn, a distance of some eighteen miles. As we passed over a hGoogle Links:


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untain sheep and transport them to the States. None of these,Everton Tröja, however,Mike Maignan Jersey, had been successful. Old Bill Williams even took with him into the mountains a troop of milch goats,Jordan Hamilton Jersey, by which to bring up the young sheep, but, though capturing a number of lambs,229 he did not succeed in reaching the frontier with a single one.
He reports also the superstition of the Canadian trappers concerning the carcajou, which we know as the wolverene,Chicago Blackhawks Dam, and tells of a reported battle which an old Canadian trapper said that he had had with one of these animals,Rubinho Jersey, and which lasted upward of two hours, during which he fired a pouchful of balls into the animal’s body,Joevin Jones Jersey, which spat them out as fast as they were shot in. Two days later,Cincinnati Reds Hattar, in company with the same man, the author,John Stones Jersey, in looking over a ridge, saw a wolverene,AC Milan Trøjer, and shot at it, as it was running off, without effect. For this he was derided by the Canadian,Juventus Tröja, who declared that if he had shot fifty balls at the carcajou it would not have cared at all.
One night, when camped on the Platte, thGoogle Links:


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ght in the recurrent disastrous fires that on four occasions practically swept the town out of existence,Orlando City SC MLS, as in the case of Marlborough and Blandford. The earliest of these happened in 1613. Over three hundred houses were burnt on that occasion,Portugal, and property amounting to nearly a quarter of a million sterling lost. This insistent scourge of the West of{273} England thatched houses visited the town again,Benoit Cheyrou Jersey, nine years later,Saphir Taider Jersey, and also in 1725 and 1775. Little wonder,Cyle Larin Jersey, then,Tank Top, that medi?val Dorchester has to be sought for in nooks and corners. But if like those other unfortunate towns in these circumstances,Koke Jersey, it is very different in appearance,Yannick Carrasco Jersey, the streets being comparatively narrow and the houses of a more stolid and heavy character; so that only in sunny weathGoogle Links:


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s beginning to feel uncomfortable.
“Of course I don’t know much about him,Son Heung-min Jersey,” remarked Miss Belsize as though she cared less.
“But does anybody know anything of Mr. Raffles except as a cricketer,Short Sparkles Čevlji 3161?”
“I do,Champions Jersey,” said I,Mexico Børn Fodboldtrøjer, with injudicious alacrity.
“Well,” said Miss Belsize,Thiago Silva Tröja, “what else is he?”
“The best fellow in the world, among other things.”
“But what other things,Danmark Fodboldtrøjer?”
“Ask Teddy!” I said unluckily,Columbus Blue Jackets Dam.
“I have,” replied Miss Belsize. “But Teddy doesn’t know. He often wonders how Mr. Raffles can afford to play so much cricket without doing any work.”
“Does he,Porto Alegrense Fodboldtrøjer, indeed!”
“Many people do,Adida Human Race.”
“And what do they say about him,Buffalo Sabres Lasten Pelipaidat?”
Miss Belsize hesitated, watching mGoogle Links:


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ences, also, that which is desirable on its own account and for the sake of Real Madrid Pelipaita knowing it is more of the nature of Wisdom than that which is desirable on account of its results, and the superior science is more of the nature of Wisdom than the ancillary; for the wise man must not Nike Wmns Lunar Lux Tr be ordered but must order, and he must not obey another, but the less wise must obey him.
Such and so many are the notions, then, which we have about Wisdom and the Belgium Dame Fodboldtrøjer wise. Now of these characteristics that of knowing all things must belong to him who has in the highest degree universal knowledge; for he knows in a sense all the instances that fall under the universal. And these things, the most universal, are on the whole the hardest for men to know; for they are farthest from the senses. And the most exact of the sciences are those which deal most with first principles; for those which involve Granit Xhaka Jersey fewer principles are more exact than those which involve additional principles, e.g. arithmetic than geometry. But the science which investigates causes is also instructive, in a higher degree, for the people who instruct us are those who tell the causes of each thing. And understanding and knowledge pursued for their own sake are found most in the knowledge of that which is most knowable (for he who chooses Manchester City Fodboldtrøjer to know for the sake of knowing will choose most readily that which is most truly knowledge, and such is the knowledge of that which is most knowable); and the first principles and the causes are most Corey Perry Tröjor knowable; for by reason of these, and from these, all other things come to be known, and not these Benoit Tremoulinas Jersey by means of the things subordinate to them. And Pelaajat Pelipaita the science which knows to what end each thing must be done Aaron Ramsey Jersey is the most authoritative of the sciences, and more authoritative than any ancillary science; and this end is the good of that thing, and in general the supreme good in the whole Blank Jersey of nature. Judged by all the tests we have mentioned, then, the name in question falls to the same science; this must be a science that investigates the first principles and causes; for the good, i.e. the end, is one of the causes.
That it is not a science of production is clear even from the history of the earliest philosophers. For it is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize; they wondered originally at the obvious difficulties, then advanced little by little and stated difficulties about the greater matters, e.g. about Milan Badelj Jersey the phenomena of the moon and those of the sun and of the stars, and about the genesis of the universe. And a man who is puzzled and wonders thinks himself ignorant (whence even the lover of myth is in a sense a lover of Wisdom, for the myth is composed of wonders); therefore since they philosophized order to escape from ignorance, evidently they were pursuing science in order to know, and not for any utilitarian end. And this is confirmed by the facts; for it was Adidas POD Dame when almost all the necessities of life and the things that make for comfort and recreation had been secured, that such knowledge began to be soughtlinks:


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unconscious prisoner as gently as we might. Nor was that the last that was done for him,Holger Badstuber Jersey, now that some slight amends were possible. From an invisible locker Raffles produced bundles of thin,Belstaff Väska, coarse stuff, one of which he placed as a pillow under the sleeper’s head,Atletico Madrid Børn Fodboldtrøjer, while the other was shaken out into a covering for his body.
“And you asked me if I’d ever been over the place!” said Raffles, putting a third bundle in my hands. “Why,Matz Sels Jersey, I slept up here last night,Blank Jersey, just to see if it was all as quiet as it looked; these were my bed-clothes,Thomas Muller Pelipaidat, and I want you to follow my example.”
“I go to sleep?” I cried,Ashley Young Jersey. “I couldn’t and wouldn’t for a thousand pounds,Jordi Alba Jersey, Raffles!”
“Oh,Män Jacket, yes,Canada Goose Whistler Parka, you could!” said Raffles, and aGoogle Links:


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˜White Hart,Mario Osuna Jersey,’ and eventually journeyed to Exeter with him. The future Cardinal did not like this. He writes: ‘I am practising for the first time the duty of a traveller,Zdeno Chara Tröjor, which is sorely against the grain, and have been talkative and agreeable without end,Cameron Borthwick-Jackson Jersey,’ adding (one can almost imagine the sigh of the retiring scholar!),Meksiko, ‘Now{128} that I have set up for a man of the world, it is my vocation.’
The latter part of his journey was accomplished at night. Travelling thus through Devonshire and Cornwall is,Los Angeles Dodgers Hattar, he remarks,Harry Kane Jersey, ‘very striking for its mysteriousness.’ It was a beautiful night,Blank Jersey, ‘clear, frosty,Hector Moreno Jersey, and bright,Pony Polo, with a full moon. Mere richness of vegetation is lost by night,Roma Pelipaita, but bold features remain. As I came along, I had the whole train ofGoogle Links:


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ne Sutton,Nike Air Huarache Dame Sko, a rich old fellow,Barcelona Børn Fodboldtrøjer, who wore a round-skirted sleeved fustian waistcoat,Oliver Kirch Jersey, with a dirty white apron tied round his middle,Alexandre Pato Jersey, and with no coat on; having a look the eagerest and the sharpest that I ever saw in any set of features in my whole lifetime; having an air of authority and of mastership,Miami Heat Tröjor, which,Mohamed Elneny Jersey, to a stranger, as I was, seemed quite incompatible with the meanness of his dress and the vulgarity of his manners: and there being,Jordan Henderson Jersey, visible to every beholder,Jherson Vergara Jersey, constantly going on in him a pretty even contest between the servility of avarice and the insolence of wealth.’
The person who called forth this severe description having forced his way into the room,Østrig Fodboldtrøjer, some one called out that he was causing an interruption,LA Clippers Tröjor, to which he replied that that wGoogle Links:


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neither will I pretend that I was getting much more than my deserts in the defeat that threatened to end in my extinction. Not for an instant had my enemy loosened his deadly clutch,Douglas Santos Jersey, and now he had me penned against the banisters,Nike Air Max 2012 Menn, and my one hope was that they would give way before our united weight,Karim Benzema Tröja, and precipitate us both into the room below. That would be better than being slowly throttled,Federico Fazio Jersey, even if it were only a better death. Other chance there was none,Ezequiel Lavezzi Jersey, and I was actually trying to fling myself over,Norbert Gyomber Jersey, beating the air with both hands wildly,Joel Campbell Jersey, when one of them closed upon the butt of the revolver that I thought had been kicked into the room below!
I was too far gone to realise that a miracle had happened — to be so much asGoogle Links:


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most generous and least vindictive of men.”
This was intolerable. I made haste to leave the room.
“Mrs. Pollard,” said Angel di Maria Pelipaidat I, “no amenities can take place between us. From this hour on Kelechi Iheanacho Jersey we Paulo Dybala Jersey are strangers, till the time conies when we shall appear before the Albanien Fodboldtrøjer judgment-seat of God. In that day, neither you nor I can hold back one iota of the truth. Think Bogdan Lobont Jersey of this, and repent your part in this awful tragedy of sin, if you can.” And I turned away toward the door.
But just as I was about to open it, it swung slowly aside, and in the frame-work made by the lintels, I saw Guy Pollard standing with a quiet look of inquiry on his face.
“Mother,” said he, in the calmest and most courteous of tones, “shall I let this gentleman pass?”
The reply came in accents equally calm and courteous:
“Certainly, my son.”
And Guy Pollard made me a deep bow, and drew softly aside from my path.
I had been within an inch of my death, but it scarcely ruffled me.
Chapter 27
If hearts are weak, souls should at least be strong.
I will be brief, for my short date of breath
Is not so long as is a tedious tale.
Let me hasten to the end.
When I told Mrs. Pollard that I would suppress that portion of the truth which connected her name with this fatal affair, I did not of course mean that I would resort to any falsehood or even prevarication. I merely relied upon the Everton Fodboldtrøjer improbability of Marco Reus Tröja my being questioned close Suso Jersey enough to necessitate my being obliged to reveal the astounding facts which made this matter a destructive one for the Pollards. And I was right in my calculations. Neither socially, nor at the formal inquiry before the coroner, was any question raised of relationship between the dead girl and the family in S——; and this fact, taken with the discreet explanations Nestor Araujo Jersey accorded by Dwight Pollard of his father’s, and afterwards of his own Italy Dame Fodboldtrøjer interest in her, as shown in the letter which he had sent Nike Free 3.0 V3 to her address, is the reason why this affair passed without scandal to the parties concerned.
But not without results for deep down in the heart of one person an influence was at work, destined ere long to eventuate in the tragedy to which these lines are the clue. Remorse deep as my nature and immovable as my sin, has gotten hold upon me, and nothing short of death, and death in the very shape from which I fled in such a cowardly manner, will ever satisfy my soul or allay that burning sense of shame and regret which makes me fear the eye of man and quake at the thought of eternal justice.
For in a final interview with Dwight Pollard I have become convinced that, however unprincipled his brother might be, it was with no intention of carrying out his threats that he plunged me into the vat on that fatal night; that, recognizing Adidas TND QUESTER the weakness in me, he had resorted to intimidation to ensure his ends; and that all the consequences which followed might have been averted, if I had but remained true to my trust.
Being a Christian minister, and bound by my creed and faithlinks:


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through a self-imposed air of melancholy. “You don’t know me again, I doubt,” he went on, as Tom continued to look at him inquiringly; “but I’d like to talk to you by yourself a bit, please.”
“There’s a fire i’ the parlor, Master Tom,” said Kezia, who objected to leaving the kitchen in the crisis of toasting.
“Come this way, then,” said Tom, Real Madrid Miesten wondering if this young fellow belonged to Guest & Co.‘s Wharf, for his imagination ran continually toward that particular spot; and uncle Deane might any time be sending Jesus Manuel Corona Jersey for him to say that there was a situation at liberty.
The bright fire in the parlor was the only light that showed the few chairs, the bureau, the carpetless floor, and the one table — no, not the one table; there was a second table, in a corner, with a large Bible and a few other books upon it. It was this new strange bareness that Tom felt first, Yannick Carrasco Jersey before he thought of looking again at the face which was also lit up by the fire, and which stole a half-shy, questioning glance at him as the entirely strange voice said:
“Why! you don’t remember Bob, then, as you gen Arsenal Dame the pocket-knife to, Mr. Tom?”
The Marco Verratti Pelipaidat rough-handled pocket-knife was taken out in the same moment, and the largest blade opened by way of irresistible demonstration.
“What! Bob Jakin?” said Tom, not with any cordial delight, for he felt a little ashamed of that early intimacy symbolized by the Nacer Chadli Jersey pocket-knife, and was not at all sure that Bob’s motives for recalling it were entirely admirable.
“Ay, ay, Bob Jakin, if Jakin it must be, ‘cause there’s so many Bobs as you went arter the squerrils with, that day as I plumped right down from the bough, and bruised my shins a good un — but I got the squerril tight for all that, an’ a scratter it was. An’ this littlish blade’s broke, you see, Blank Jersey but I wouldn’t Marcus Rashford Jersey hev a new un put in, ‘cause they might be cheatin’ me an’ givin’ me another knife instid, for there isn’t such a blade i’ All-Star the country — it’s got used to my hand, like. An’ there was niver nobody else gen me nothin’ but what I got by my own sharpness, only you, Mr. Tom; if it wasn’t Bill Fawks as gen me the terrier pup istid o’ drowndin’t Jeremy Dudziak Jersey it, an’ I had to jaw him a good un afore he’d give it me.”
Bob spoke with a sharp and rather treble volubility, and got through his long speech with surprising despatch, giving the blade of his knife an affectionate rub on his sleeve when he had finished.
“Well, Bob,” said Tom, with a slight air of patronage, the foregoing reminscences having disposed him to be as friendly as was becoming, though there was no part of his acquaintance with Bob that he remembered better than the cause of their parting quarrel; “is there anything I can do for you?”
“Why, no, Mr. Tom,” answered Bob, shutting up his knife with a click and returning it to his pocket, where he seemed to be feeling for something else. “I shouldn’t ha’ come back Joao Carlos Teixeira Jersey upon you now ye’re i’ trouble, an’ folks say as the master, as Newcastle Fodboldtrøjer I used tlinks:


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one came and Iwas being whirled away from gouty, consumptive Buxton to London withits stern work and life. I looked out of the carriage as we rushedthrough Hendon in the evening. The lurid glare overhanging the mightycity seemed to warm my heart, and when, later on, my cab rattled outof St. Pancras' station, the old familiar roar that came swelling uparound me sounded the sweetest music I had heard for many a long day.
I certainly did not enjoy that month's idling. Pablo Zabaleta Jersey I like idling when Iought not to be idling; not when it is the only thing I have to do.
That is my pig-headed nature. The time when I like best to stand withmy back to the fire, calculating how much I owe, is when my desk isheaped highest with letters that must be answered by the next post.
When I like to dawdle longest over my dinner is when I have a heavyevening's work before me. And if, for some urgent reason, I ought tobe up particularly early in the morning, it is then, more than at anyother time, that I Stefan Ishizaki Jersey love to lie an extra half-hour in bed.
Ah! how delicious it is to turn over and go to sleep again: "just forfive minutes." Is there any human being, I wonder, besides the heroof a Sunday-school "tale for boys," who ever gets up willingly? Thereare some men to whom getting up at the proper time is an utterimpossibility. If eight o'clock happens to be Arrivals Rivet 3047 the time that theyshould turn out, then they lie till half-past. If circumstanceschange and half-past eight becomes early enough for Män Vests them, then it isnine before they can rise. They are like the statesman of whom it wassaid that he was always punctually half an hour late. They try allmanner of schemes. They buy alarm-clocks (artful Charms Short Čevlji 3041 contrivances that gooff at the wrong time and alarm the wrong people). They tell SarahJane to knock at the door and call them, and Sarah Jane does knock atthe door and does call them, and they grunt back "awri" and then gocomfortably to sleep again. I knew one man who would Jonathan Quick Tröjor actually get outand have a cold bath; and even that was of no use, for afterward hewould jump into bed again Nuri Sahin Jersey to warm himself.
I think myself that I could keep out of bed all right if I once gotout. It is the wrenching away of the head from the pillow that I findso hard, and no amount of over-night determination makes it easier. Isay to myself, after having wasted the whole evening, "Well, I won'tdo any more work to-night; I'll get up early to-morrow morning;" and Christian Louboutin Heels Iam thoroughly resolved to do so--then. In the morning, however, Ifeel less enthusiastic about the idea, and reflect that it would havebeen much better if I had stopped up last Luca Marrone Jersey night. And then there isthe trouble of dressing, and the more one thinks about that the moreone wants to put it off.
It is a strange thing this bed, this mimic grave, where we stretch ourtired limbs Marco Verratti Pelipaidat and Ricardo Quaresma Jersey sink away Lapel Polo so quietly into the silence and rest. "0bed, 0 bed, delicious bed, that heaven on earth to the weary head," assang poor Hood, you are a kind old nurse to us fretful boys and girls.
Clever and foolish, naughty and good, you take us all in your mothelinks: